Rise of the Lich King


The kingdom of Cantor is at war. The High King has died, under mysterious circumstances, and his heir Maximilian III has taken the throne. Convinced her father’s death was a part of a conspiracy led by her brother, Princess Saria has united the southern counties under her banner in open rebellion.

The loyalist counties have reached out to their western neighbors, the elves, but have recieved no reply. Rumors have spread that King Azenthia, who has ruled over the elven kingdom for a thousand years, is fading, and the council has strengthened their borders and have not allowed travelers in or out for months.

In the north, crowds of refugee dwarves are fleeing their mountain strongholds, seeking asylum in Cantor in exchange for their assistance in the war effort. Tales have it that the Dwarven clans have been driven out by a swarm of dark creatures, escaping from the untold depths of the mines.

Our heroes are travelers from across the land of Eprica, brought together by chance in the city of Cranston’s Keep in the north of Higraile County. By order of Count Giles, in response to the tide of Dwarf refugees from the Whitefang Mountains in the North, the borders of Higraile have been closed, and only those with permission of the Count or his governors may leave or enter the county.



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